La Compagnia delle poete was born in the summer of 2009 by initiative of Mia Lecomte, Italo-French poet and specialist in Italian-language transnational literature. It is promoted by the multi-ethnic cultural association La Tenda.

Its members are all foreign or Italian-foreign women poets who write in Italian – Prisca Agustoni, Cristina Ali Farah, Anna Belozorovitch, Livia Bazu, Laure Cambau, Adriana Langtry, Mia Lecomte, Vera Lucia de Oliveira, Helene Paraskeva, Brenda Porster, Begonya Pozo, Barbara Pumhösel, Francisca Paz Rojas, Candelaria Romero, Barbara Serdakowski, Jacqueline Spaccini, Eva Taylor – each with her own personal history of migration.During performances the poets are joined by other artists – painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers and actors – who have worked internationally in various artistic contexts and forms.
The underlying idea of La Compagnia is to form an “orchestra” that can harmonize the work of all the poets, influenced as they are by their diverse linguistic and cultural traditions, through performances where the word is supported and amplified by a plurality of artistic languages. The “modular” structure employed modifies and adapts the basic productive formula on each occasion, according to the theatrical situation and the poets who are on stage, with the ultimate aim of bringing poetry back to the public by restoring its original function of shared orality. And of giving a voice to transnational writing, which represents the real literary avant-garde in our century.

Since then, La Compagnia has been the object of various studies and dissertations, and is often invited to take part in academic and literary seminars and conferences and in writing and translation workshops in Italy and abroad, on the subject of pluri-language passages between literatures.
Le Compagnia is also involved in collective projects of translating contemporary poetry, as for example the column for the magazine of the Babel Festival, «Specimen».

Since June of 2022, following its participation in the Festival Kolkata Poetry Confluence, the production La casa fuori has become a workshop where writers and their writing can meet, thanks to itinerant open-door performances in which voices in multiple languages weave a poetic dialogue. La casa fuori has opened up the opportunity for new companions around the world to become part of a growing poetic family.